Government and Non-Government Approvals

Mobile Kitchens Rental Now  has the following government and non-government approvals :  

  • Duns and BradStreet (DUNS #828345335) provides us with support in the form of intelligence products through database and analytics software. The products are used to increase marketing, risk management, and business profits.
  • We are able to supply goods and services as a priority vendor because of the support we receive from the Small Business Administration (SBA). Through a vast network of offices and partnerships, the SBA offers assistance to small businesses like ours.
  • We have received approval from FEMA (Federal Emergency Response) to respond to emergencies. As a member of a team of responders, we are one of FEMA’s leads for the federal government’s response. Before, during, and after natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and forest fires, we assist people. We are listed as official suppliers to the US government.
  • We are Department of Defense Logistics Agency (DLA 57C3101approved. – We have access to the logistical, acquisition, and technical support of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, as well as other federal agencies and allies.  We have been approved as suppliers by the US government. The US Department of Defense Logistics Agency requires approval through a protracted and onerous process. 

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